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Six men and a woman set out on the hazardous journey from Senegal to Morocco in a bid to slip illegally into Europe to escape from the poverty and internecine warfare of Africa . All are lured by the promise of a better life, but the challenges are numerous. Passing through the hands of various smugglers, they cross the desert of Mauritania and Algeria , first in a pick up, then in the back of refrigerated fish trucks, and are finally dumped and forced to walk to the Moroccan border. Though each is lured by a different reason, they unite to overcome obstacles and finally reach the coast of Morocco , where they stand looking at Spain across the narrow Straits of Gibraltar. Mostefa Djamdjam's beautiful debut feature confronts the global controversy of refugees while examining the complexities of human nature.

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Film Credit and Information
Director Genre/Year Length
Mostefa Djamdjam Drama/ 2002 102 Minutes

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